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Gigs coming up Oct & Nov & Dec 2021

Oct 17th at Navajo Live – 21 and Up -Songwriter Series 6pm-9pm
Oct 19th & Nov 2nd at Cheers of Ramona 6-8pm
Nov 27th & Dec 12th The Cooler in Wynola/Julian CA 1-4pm
Nov 30th Cheers of Ramona 6-8pm
Dec 4th Smoking Cannon Brewery 6-9pm
Dec 14th & Dec 28th Cheers of Ramona 6-8pm
Dec 19th Ramona Ranch Winery and Tasting Room -2-5pm

NOV 20th Ramona Ranch Winery Duets night with Local artists and Me 12 Noon -3pm
Nov 27th at the Cooler

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Ramona CA gigs up to date 2021

Sept 14th Cheers of Ramona 6-8pm
Sept 24th Ramona Family Naturals 5-7pm ~ Pizza Night
Oct 2nd Smoking Cannon Brewery 6-9pm ~ My 48th Birthday Party
Oct 8th Ramona Family Naturals 5-7pm ~ Pizza Night

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New Live Music gigs in 2021

Aug 1st Ramona Family Naturals Noon-3pmAug 7th Smoking Cannon Brewery 6-9pmAug 14th Pamo Valley Tasting Room 5-8pmAug 17th Cheers of Ramona 6-8pmSep 4th Smoking Cannon Brewery 6-9pmSept 11th Ramona Family Naturals 5-7pmSep 12th Ramona Ranch Winery Patio 2-5pmSept 24th Ramona Family Naturals 5-7pmOct 2nd Smoking Cannon Brewery 6-9pm

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New music is available now

Click the link below and you’ll get to to see all the Digital Outlets that my music is available on. Or go directly to one of those sites and search for me, Michael Dean Goodrich

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Showgirl Lashes EP 2020 https://open.spotify.com/embed/artist/2aIoMpVjTrKvJARsv5jp5b





Also available on: YouTube Music, DEEZER,NAPSTER, TWITCH

and other Digital sites

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