Michael Dean Goodrich


At a very young age I quickly found a love for playing guitar and singing. Many different styles have influenced me over the years. From Country, Metal, Rock, Bluegrass, to Punk, I’ve played it all and still listen to a lot of it to date.

I have always been fond of the old Country music icons like Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, Don Williams, and Johnny Cash. With a resonating tone in my voice that is reminiscent of those giants in music, I carry on that deep Baritone bellowing country vocal sound within the music I play and write.

Whether I’m belting out “Diggin’ up Bones”, I Believe in You”, “Slow Hand”, or “Folsom Prison Blues”, you’ll feel it in the floor boards and in your chest, and you’ll want to sing right along with it.

Singing the songs I love from that era of Country, the Punk Rock tunes I grew up on in the 80’s and 90’s, and a healthy mixture of all those Classic Rock & Americana favorites out in the world is where I have found my niche.

My original songs have a style that mixes a number of those various influences, capturing the essence of those Country roots. My songs are very personal and there is a lot of emotion that I pour into them. Living through those moments of desperation, loneliness, and heartache, the moments of joy, success, and hope too… We all have our share of both sides of the coin.

You’ll just have to check the songs out for yourself sometime, and see if one or more brings you back to a time you felt something like that, and can look back now after getting through it… or are yourself living in that moment now and need a voice to sing along with about those troubled times…

You can find great examples of my original music in the Audio/Video section of my website, and at many Digital Outlets for your listening pleasure.
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Photo Courtesy Tim Connelly